Potential Patrollers

So, you are interested in learning more about ski patrolling and the Big Sky Volunteer Ski patrol, GREAT!

First of all, do you like to have fun, ski, help other people, and work hard?

The following links will provide you some basic information on our program. To learn more about our program, you may select "Contact BSVSP" with any specific questions you may have. Also, anyone wishing to join the patrol, or to be considered for the patrol, will be required to complete the "BSVSP Application".

The Big Sky Volunteer Ski Patrol is a private ski patrol. We are not affiliated with The National Ski Patrol System.

So, what is and how did ski patrolling begin? What am I getting into? Great Questions!

Way back in 1938, several folks were skiing on Mt. Mansfield in Vermont when one member of the group was injured. Providing care and transportation for this individual was the start of Ski Patrolling! History

All new members of the BSVSP are asked to complete the following application. Application

The requirements for the BSVSP are listed in this section. Requirements

BSVSP offers a variety of benefits for volunteer ski patrol. Benefits

The author of this article was a first year patroller when she wrote these. We encourage all incoming patrollers to read it. Outside Bozeman

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