The BSVSP have the following training and patrol requirements.

Our patrol does not require previous patrolling experience. We have developed a training program that will teach the necessary skills to be a proficient ski patroller. We do require advanced intermediate to expert ski skills. If you do not have this ski level, we do encourage you to contact us to discuss your participation.

All Patrollers are required to maintain state and national EMT licenses. BSVSP patrollers are to be currently certified in CPR and AED protocols. Patroller need to be aware of their continuing education requirements. In the event of certification lapse, BSVSP will terminate all scheduled days and benefits.

The BSSP conducts an Annual Medical Refresher. This is a three day weekend usually in the middle of November. This is a required training session.

Additionally, the BSVSP conducts an Annual On-Hill Refresher. This training session focuses upon operational policies and procedures, mountain operations, lift evacuation, avalanche search and rescue, and various other topics. This is a two day weekend and is the following weekend after medical refresher.

As a first year patroller, you will need to complete the Rookie Patroller Training sessions. This consists of the first two weekends of December. Here you will learn the basic skills required to run loaded and unloaded sleds. Also, medical scenarios, patient interactions, and on-hill treatment protocols are emphasized.

All members of the BSVSP are required to patrol 16 duty days. These days are yours to select. The day begins at 7:30AM and concludes when the last patroller is off the hill. These days are to be selected according BSVSP scheduling policy.

Skiing, patient care, toboggan handling are the basic skills necessary to this job. Please see this as just that. A job. There are a lot of benefits for doing this, you will meet great people, ski, and have a bunch of fun! Please conduct personal evaluations as to your skills and your weaknesses.

The BSVSP has developed an Annual Ski and Toboggan Refresher program. This includes working with other returning patrollers to refresher your skills on typical terrain. This needs to be completed and documented within your first three days of duty.

Additionally, BSVSP has developed a Patroller Enhancement Program. Here, all BSVSP patrollers are required to participate in, document completion, and provide proof of completion to a designated list of skills and proficiencies.

Ski patrolling is a very rewarding. You will have the opportunity to develop your personal skills, push your comfort zone, meet and work with a great group of people. Most importantly, you will be skiing and representing one of the best ski resorts in the country!

We hope this program is of interest to you. You may use the "Contact BSVSP" button to inquire about any aspect of the above. If you are interested in discussing this program in greater detail, please complete the patroller contact information form.

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